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3 Maintenance Tips and 150cc Vespa Matic Motor Oil Recommendations

15 Juli 2024 | 0 Likes


When compared to matic motorcycles in general, vespa matic maintenance is arguably easy-easy. The choice of engine oil for an automatic vespa is also different from an automatic motorcycle in general.

In addition, there are also some differences between vespa matic and Japanese production matic motorcycles in terms of the reliability of some components.

Then what are the maintenance aspects that must be considered to maintain a Vespa Matic?

Maintenance and Oil Recommendations for 150cc Vespa Matic

Like a premium sedan car, a Vespa matic is a premium class matic motorcycle that requires premium class maintenance as well. This means that extra care is needed so that the experience of riding a Vespa matic is always memorable for Pertalub friends.

Pay Attention to Vespa's Vulnerable Components

Although known as a fairly luxurious matic motorcycle, Vespa matic does not escape from shortcomings. Components such as arm bushing rubber, to rusty brake lines have become a fairly common problem for Vespa Matic users.

Although it looks simple, if left unchecked this symptom can spread everywhere. Brake straps that are allowed to rust, will make the brake mechanism become stuck.

Bushing arm itself is an important component on Vespa matic that functions as a counterweight to swing arm motion and dampens vibration. Brittle arm bushing rubber can make the rear tire feel 'throwing' to the right and left, making the motorbike less comfortable and safe to ride.

Check these components regularly, especially if you feel symptoms such as reduced motor balance and brakes are no longer optimal.

Routinely Change Motor Oil every 3,000 Km to 5,000 Km

The engine aspect is crucial when talking about Vespa Matic motorcycles, especially if your friend Pertalub uses the motorcycle daily. The recommended interval for changing motor oil in general is every 3,000 km to 5,000 km, or every 2 to 3 months if used daily.

Changing the engine oil of a Vespa matic motorcycle is one of the simplest aspects of maintenance, but not to be delayed. Delaying the oil change means bringing Pertalub friends to even greater expenses in the future.

For Vespa Matic, Pertalub's friend can use Enduro Matic-V 10W-40. Pertalub friends can change oil easily and quickly at the nearest Enduro Express!

Riding Style

Taking care of a Vespa matic is not only about repairing and checking, but also using it. Vespa Matic is designed for daily driving in the city, with a cruising riding style or walking at a moderate speed.

Too aggressive riding style from gas play, braking and cornering patterns, can affect the durability of components on Vespa Matic.

Carrying too heavy a load can also be a risk to Vespa matic components. Such as leaking shockbreakers, damage to the wheels when hitting holes with excessive loads, and other damage in the foot sector.

That's a brief maintenance tips and oil recommendations for Vespa matic friend Pertalub. If you want to know which oil is suitable for other vehicles, you can check the Dr.Lube website!


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