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Solving Car Oil Seepage Without Disassembling the Engine: Repair Steps to Know

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Oil seepage is one of the signs of damage to the vehicle. Oil seepage is characterized by spots or puddles of oil fluid under the car when parked or on the engine wall when the car is operating. This condition can become dangerous if left unchecked. The oil volume can be drastically reduced and the engine lubrication will not be optimal.

Here's how to fix oil seepage in a car without having to disassemble the engine.

How to Fix Seeping Car Oil Without Disassembling the Engine

If you experience oil seepage, surely your Pertalub friend will think of disassembling the engine to solve the problem and find out the cause. This condition must make some people complicated and many do not know how to disassemble a car engine. In fact, overcoming seeping car oil can be done without disassembling the engine.

Replacing the Rubber on the Oil Pan

Look at the source of the oil leak. If the source of the leak is at the bottom, it is most likely in the oil pan. There is a rubber sealant between the oil pan and the engine to prevent leaks. Usually, this rubber gets brittle as the car ages and starts to leak.

Replace the oil cap on the engine block

A visible leak on the engine block oil cap indicates that the rubber on the oil cap has begun to become brittle. The oil pressure in the engine coupled with the brittle rubber of the oil cap can cause oil to leak from the oil cap. Replace the oil cap immediately if you see oil seepage appearing from the oil cap.

Some of these ways to solve oil seepage without disassembling the engine can only be done if the engine condition is not in severe damage. On the other hand, if the damage is quite severe, then take immediate action by taking it to a repair shop.

Pertalub pals can bring the car for service at the nearest Olimart Workshop. In addition to car service, Pertalub friends are also required to know the compatibility of oil with the type and type of car to get the best performance through the Dr. Lube website.


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