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3 Tips for Used Car Maintenance, Economical and Easy for Beginners

15 Juli 2024 | 0 Likes


Used car maintenance has different methods, mainly because the condition of used cars varies greatly. This article will discuss the maintenance of used cars in a usable condition without the need for rejuvenation, and no longer serviced at ATPM.

In addition, this discussion also takes an example of a car owner who has no automotive expertise or experience, but owns and is maintaining a used car.

These tips will be useful to prevent overspending in the future.

Tips for Used Car Maintenance

Prepare a Proper Parking Lot

A car that has been out in the sun and rain with no shade in its entire life is much more at risk of damage from various angles. The heat of the sun will erode the paint layer and damage the interior, especially making the dashboard crack. If the car is parked under a tree, drying tree sap or animal feces will also damage the paint layer.

On the other hand, rain can also cause damage such as porous water lines. Cars that are brought in by rain and then not immediately washed can also cause porous under the chassis of the car.

Therefore, prepare a proper parking lot complete with a canopy or roof. If you don't have one, you can rent a public parking lot around your house. Renting a parking lot monthly will reduce expenses much more than repairing car damage due to constant weather exposure.

Pay Attention to 3 Main Aspects of Used Car Maintenance

Almost all components in a car are usually protected by these three things: Oil and other fluids, rubber, and filters. From the oil and other fluids sector, the ones that must be considered are engine oil, transmission oil, axle oil, power steering oil, brake fluid, radiator water, and even washer water. These oils are the main protectors of the moving components in the car.

If you want to check what oil is suitable for the car you are using, you can check the Mix n' Match Oil feature.

Second is the rubber. If you pay attention to the undercarriage and engine room of the car, there will be a lot of rubber that protects the foot components. Make sure there is no rubber that is brittle or even torn, because leg components that are exposed to dirt will be damaged faster.

Third is the filter. Pertalub pals must also replace the filters in the car regularly. In a car, there are air filters, oil filters, and AC filters that must be considered and must be replaced if they look dirty.

Avoid Sparepart Trickery in Repairs

This is the most common thing seen in used cars. Foreign cables that cross here and there in the engine room, radiator leaks that are tricked by patching sealants, rust or cracks covered with stickers, and many other tricks that are often seen in a used car.

If you see these things on your Pertalub friend's car, immediately repair and restore it to its original condition. Jumpered cables are very risky of electrical short circuit. In order to save the cost of repairs, which is less than Rp 1 million, do you want to risk burning your car?

If there is a problematic component, then immediately replace it with the appropriate specification. With a slightly higher price but original, Pertalub friends have actually prevented even greater expenses in the future.

Discussing maintenance does not necessarily mean that there must be spare parts replaced or Pertalub pals must be able to replace certain components in the car. As discussed in this article, simply treating the car properly and paying attention to the health of the components is also a form of car maintenance.

Those are the 3 basic tips for used car maintenance for Pertalub friends who want to own a used car. Are there any other maintenance tips that Pertalub friends often do?