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Here are 5 Signs You Should Change Your Car Oil

1 Februari 2024 | 0 Likes


When to change car oil is a question often asked by car owners. Actually, changing car oil must be done regularly as directed in the manual book such as changing every 10,000 kilometers to keep the vehicle engine in top condition. However, problems arise that require Pertalub friends to change the oil. Here are 5 signs that you need to change your car oil.

5 Signs You Should Change Your Car's Oil

Some car owners are still reluctant to change car oil regularly on the grounds that the car engine is still in good condition. In addition, car owners also sometimes don't want to spend more money to change the oil. In fact, changing the oil regularly is a preventive measure from the risk of bigger problems in the future.

Pertalub pals can find out the signs that the car oil must be changed to keep the car in good condition.

1. Oil Indicator Light Illuminated

Every type of car is equipped with an oil indicator light as a sign that the oil must be changed. Pertalub pals can find an oil indicator light on the dashboard of a funnel-shaped car.

If the oil indicator light is on, the car oil should be changed immediately. However, if the indicator light remains on even after changing the oil, this could be a sign of a system malfunction in the car. Pertalub pals can immediately take it to a repair shop for checking.

2. Dark-colored Smoke Appears on the Exhaust

The next sign of having to change the car oil is the dark-colored smoke that appears in the exhaust. Evaporation and the entry of oil into the combustion chamber cause the exhaust smoke to become colored.

Under normal conditions, the exhaust fumes will tend to be transparent. Immediately check the oil because it is usually not of good quality and must be replaced.

3. Rough Engine Sound

The easiest sign that the car oil needs to be changed is the rough engine sound when starting. This rough car engine sound is the result of the oil quality decreasing due to contamination with dirt and hot temperatures in the combustion chamber.

This rough engine sound will certainly be annoying and have an impact on driving comfort. So change your car oil immediately!

4. Fuel Use Becomes Wasteful

Decreased oil quality will make the engine pull heavier. This causes the fuel required to run to increase, resulting in wasteful fuel usage.

Friend Pertalub becomes more frequent refueling and will certainly have an impact on finances.

5. Car Engine Overheating

The operating temperature of a car engine can exceed normal limits because the lubrication system is not running optimally, which makes the engine friction bigger and rougher. Engine overheat in Pertalub's friend's car can cause damage to the engine components.

Overheat can be caused by several things. Among them are the poor condition of the radiator, as well as the deteriorating quality of the oil because the oil has been used for too long so that its function is not optimal for the car used.

Before changing the oil, Pertalub friends can find out the suitability of the lubricant / oil for the vehicle used through Dr. Lube.

Dr Lube is a website developed by Pertamina Lubricants as a guide to find the right lubricant/oil match with the type of vehicle you want to choose. Through this site, Pertalub friends can find out information about the latest automotive developments.


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