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The Important Role of Oil for Motorcycle Engine Health

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Every motorcycle owner is required to make regular oil changes to keep the engine in optimal condition. Good oil condition also supports the health of the engine components on your Pertalub friend's motorcycle. Here are some important roles of oil for motorcycle engines that Pertalub friends can know.

The Important Role of Oil for Motorcycles

The oil in the motor engine is equipped with additives that help the engine work. Therefore, the function of oil cannot be separated from the vehicle it is used in.

1. Engine Lubricant

The important role of oil as a motor engine lubricant is widely known by the public. This engine lubricant serves to prevent friction between engine components, such as pistons and cylinder walls.

Oil can minimize friction between the surfaces of components in the engine, which can protect the engine from damage. As a result, the engine can be used longer because its components become more durable.

In addition, oil can also make the engine performance load lighter and the faster the work steps are carried out. Pertalub pals can also use the best oil that matches the vehicle used.

2. Cooling the Motor Engine

In addition to functioning as a lubricant so that engine performance is more optimal and efficient, oil also functions to cool the engine so that the temperature stays at the ideal level. Pertalub pals should still pay attention to the condition of the oil by not being late for regular oil changes. This aims to avoid engine overheat along with its usage.

3. Keeping Machines from Contamination

When riding on the highway, Pertalub pals definitely cannot avoid exposure to pollution. Dust particles, dirt, and water can enter the cracks of the engine on the vehicle which can make it crusty or even scratched.

The oil will provide a coating on engine components that can protect them from exposure to pollution. Oil can capture pollution particles that make its color increasingly darker. The darker the color of the oil, the more pollution particles stick to the oil.

4. Vibration Damping in Vehicles

The viscous nature of the oil serves as a vibration damper on the motor. Oil can absorb vibrations that occur when the engine is operating. This process occurs because the engine is able to generate high pressure, such as rolling bearings, gears, and ball bearings.

Engine oil also functions as a vibration damper in vehicles by reducing shock. The cold and viscous nature of oil allows it to absorb vibrations that occur when the engine is operating. This process occurs because the engine generates high pressure. Some engine components that often experience high pressure and work together include rolling bearings, gears, and ball bearings.

Good oil that is suitable for the type of vehicle can help maintain engine performance for a more comfortable driving experience. Before changing the oil, Pertalub friends can check the oil compatibility with the type and type of vehicle through Dr. Lube website.

Dr.Lube is a website developed by Pertamina Lubricants as a guide to find the right lubricant/oil match for the type of vehicle you want to choose.


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