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Routine Maintenance Tips for an Engkel Truck

15 Juli 2024 | 0 Likes


Truck maintenance should be done regularly, as trucks have a larger load and longer mileage compared to passenger vehicles.

Then, how is the maintenance? Is it harder and more expensive than passenger vehicles? Here is the explanation.

Truck vehicles play an important role in the continuity of a company's industry, especially for companies that have to deliver goods every day from one place to another in large quantities. In fact, many companies even rent trucks to fulfill their delivery needs. In other words, trucks do play a key role as one of the supporters of a business.

Here are 3 easy tips to keep your truck in top condition to support your company's operations.

Check the Oil Daily

Oil serves to lubricate every moving engine component when the truck is in use. The more often the truck is used, the harder the oil works to lubricate the engine. So it is mandatory for us to keep checking the quality and level of oil in the truck engine.

Check the color of the oil. If it's pitch black, it's a sign that the oil needs to be changed immediately, especially if the truck has exceeded the engine oil change limit kilometer.

Also check the oil level, if it is reduced, it should be added or checked at a repair shop because it is feared that there is a leak in the engine that causes the engine oil to decrease in amount.

Check Tire Pressure Before Driving

Always check the tire pressure every time you want to use the truck. If the tire pressure is low, it will affect the truck's fuel consumption and engine performance. This is because if the tires are underinflated or flat, it will increase the load of the truck. Try to keep the tire pressure in accordance with the manufacturer's standard guidelines to lighten the load and optimize the truck's performance.

Routine Engine Service According to Mileage

Third, regularly service the engine according to the mileage that has been passed. For example, if the truck unit has operated for a total distance of 10,000 kilometers, the air filter should be replaced. If it has operated with a distance of 20 thousand kilometers, you should also change the engine oil. This is done so as not to cause engine damage that has the potential to drain repair costs later. All trucks in Multi Inti Transport that are actively rented to customers are guaranteed maintenance through regular service according to mileage. To make it easier for customers, we also provide mobile service that provides truck maintenance such as oil changes, air filters, and others at the customer's location.

At first glance, these three tips are very easy to do, but in practice, drivers or teams responsible for vehicle maintenance are often undisciplined in their truck maintenance efforts.

Drivers often ignore the routine of checking engine oil, tire pressure, and routine service schedules that should be done. So it's no wonder that many trucks are no longer in top condition because they are too forced without any awareness of maintenance efforts. In fact, maintenance costs are much lower than repair costs.


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